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28 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

Special Keto Breakfast RecipesHi, I just try 28 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan I can say only It's a good meal plan if you want to have a balanced, highly-nutritional, and healthy lifestyle without thinking too much about how to organize yourself. Its Ilustrated pdf book where you find meals for every day. I have lost about 11 pounds in just 28 days durring this time I don't feel hungry like durring other diets and plans. I must say that I have already try a lot of it. Now I feel energetic and invigorated.

28 Day Clean Eating Meal PlanDownload 28 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

 As a bonus you will also get the book "12 Special Keto Breakfast Recipes To Kickstart Your Morning"

Detox is one of the trendiest beauty trends. Cosmetic manufacturers produce creams, masks, and cleansers with a detox effect, and they certainly have an effect. But as you know, beauty begins from within, and therefore the detox diet should be the first stage of body detoxification.


Detox diet: for body and spirit

What is a detox diet? It is a time-limited change in the diet, aimed at removing decay products and toxins from the body. Such a diet unloads the digestive system, liver and kidneys, allowing them to cope with the processing and removal of toxic substances naturally. The result is normalization of digestion and, consequently, improving the skin, as well as strengthening the body's defenses, feeling great, getting rid of allergies and increasing efficiency. Weight loss is only a "side effect" of this diet. It improves the metabolism and kidney function, which results in losing excess fluid, edema disappears, and the food is absorbed more effectively. But still the main purpose of detox diet is to get rid of harmful substances that accumulate day after day, poison the body and prevent it from working properly.

It is better to prepare for the detox diet in advance, so that the entrance to it will be smooth and will not be a shock to the body. A couple of weeks (or better, more) before starting the diet, start reducing the amount of fried, floury, spicy and salty foods, give up alcohol and coffee. Keep to your diet regimen - you should eat dinner 3 hours before going to bed. In the week before the diet, reduce the amount of meat and fish, replacing them with vegetables, beans, porridges, and dairy products. Desserts may be replaced by detox smoothies made from fresh fruit with probiotics added - these will support intestinal function.

Start each morning with a glass of water, not too cold, and a slice of lemon to help your digestive system wake up and speed up the elimination of toxins.

Do not plan your detox diet for a period of intense exertion. A session, time pressure at work, the hustle and bustle of preparing for a vacation or a wedding - not the best time for such an event. Detox involves not only dietary restrictions, but also proper rest. Choose quiet days and try to provide yourself with 8 hours of sleep.

Combine the diet with other measures. For example, with a visit to a spa. Procedures such as massages, wraps, and visits to the sauna during the detox will be most effective. In addition, they will strengthen the result of the diet. Do not refuse from moderate physical activity - walk, swim in the pool, ride a bike.

Remember that a detox diet is not the same as starvation. You should not suffer and feel discomfort. Make a meal plan and a detox menu and stick to it. The optimal eating schedule is at least 5-6 times a day, but portions should be small. Fold your palms into a crescent shape and the resulting volume will be the maximum volume of each portion.

Do not forget about water. Drink a lot of water during the detox diet - it will help your kidneys work. You should drink 2 liters of liquid daily. In addition to water, you can drink herbal teas, detox juices, smoothies and smoothies.

Start small. There are detox diets for different durations, but if you are not used to limiting yourself, do not set the bar too high. Begin the cleanse with a 3-day detox diet. The next one may be longer - 7 days. A 10-day detox is already quite a serious challenge for those who often cleanse the body.

Do not overdo it. The detox diet should not be performed more often than once every 4 weeks.

Before you start a detox diet, talk to your therapist. Certain internal diseases, as well as acute inflammatory processes and infections may be a contraindication to such a diet. Do not detox during pregnancy and breastfeeding, or when blood sugar levels are low. 

Detox is a food system that gives your body time to naturally cleanse itself of garbage. After the detox diet, you will lose extra pounds and feel a burst of energy.


Going on a detox diet, exclude from your diet: canned foods, ready-made and uncooked foods, sugar and sweets, margarine, spreads and cheese products (and in general all products containing palm oil). Fried foods are also vetoed during the detox diet.


Allowed lean meat, fish, seafood, hard cheeses and eggs, but no more than 150 grams per day and only boiled, poached, steamed or baked. Vegetables and fruits are welcome, preferably in raw form, but boiled and baked are also possible. They add a little vegetable oil - cold-pressed olive, linseed, nut oil. The most important thing is that the products that you choose were natural, which means, firstly, seasonal, and secondly, Ukrainian, bought from a familiar grandmother at the market or grown in your own garden. 


To speed up the process of detoxification, take a decoction of prunes before bedtime (5 berries for 1 tableful of water), take pharmacy probiotics, take a 30 minute walk every day in the park to saturate the body with oxygen (and this eventually burns fat), go to the sauna, make yourself a self-massage session (or take a course of professional massage). You should drink a lot of fluids, at least 1.5 liters of pure water a day. And in order not to feel weakness, typical for detox diets (this is inevitable when cleansing the body), take vitamins.28 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan dont miss it.

 If you do not feel unpleasant, sitting on a diet, if you need to get results quickly - try a more complicated version of the detox diet. It is based on smoothies - thick smoothies based on pureed fresh fruits and vegetables with a few drops of vegetable oil, flax seeds and a few spoons of bran (preferably oat bran - they are sold in supermarkets and pharmacies). They are drunk five times a day. Also introduce fresh fruit into the diet. The best smoothies to cleanse the body and lose weight are from apple, carrots, celery and a small plate of ginger root; from kiwi, green apple and mint; from celery stalk, fresh cucumber and mint; celery root, red apple and carrots with the addition of a pinch of ground red hot pepper. 


While sitting on a detox diet, it is very right to think not only about weight loss, but also about the beauty of your skin. If you have skin problems, such as rashes, acne, black spots, enlarged pores - prepare yourself a detox beauty cocktail. After waking up, drink a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon and half a teaspoon of honey. Then combine in a coffee grinder 1 tbsp. flax seeds, 1 tsp. fennel seeds and 1 tsp. coriander seeds. Grind all the ingredients to dust, pour into a glass and pour boiling water to the top. Soak for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, and then drink leisurely, in small sips. If on the bottom of a glass there is a mush, eat it. Drink the cocktail in the morning for 10 days, if your skin is very acne-add one cocktail in the evening and another one before going to bed. 


Physical activity, as with any other diet, is important here as well. But optimal, especially with the hard version of the detox diet, is not intense aerobic exercise, but more static - for example, yoga, Pilates, stretching

Amazing meal plan! Beautiful quality, crisp and professional pictures, and well-formatted text that is easy to read! I highly recommend the meal plan!