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Hi, Im Zoe and I would like to write this small review for yoga burn program. And describe my experience of using yoga burn. So for a long time, I have a problems with belly fat. I have used different diets and workouts and got very small results in about 1-2 inches. But the fat comes back very soon again. I was very stressed about it. One day I have seen in facebook some reviews on yoga burn fat loss program. A lot of girls say that it is the best yoga workout for weight loss. As it is a yoga and there are some meditation practices inside, so I decided to try it. Because even if my fat has not gone, I will be able to relax and not worry about my fat belly so much. And I was very surprised when during 12 weeks I have lost  10 Lbs and about 4 inches of belly fat. I must say that I didn't use any diets during this time and workouts were easy to do and didn't take too much effort. So I confirm that it is best yoga workouts for weight loss. My yoga burn results on the photo under. 

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yoga burn results

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In recent years, yoga has become increasingly popular due to its positive effects on the figure. Yoga is primarily a spiritual practice that uses various postures and exercises to find inner harmony, but it also helps to fight excess weight and makes the body flexible and slim.

In my opinion, 1 hour of yoga calories burn a lot.

Overweight problems are often caused by metabolic disorders, poor dietary habits, and lack of physical activity. Yoga, the main goal of which is to establish internal balance, provides for the performance of special exercises to find balance in the body, as well as compliance with the principles of proper nutrition. This integrated approach to the issue of comprehensive recovery helps to saturate the tissues with oxygen, thereby improving metabolic processes and promoting weight loss.

1 hour of yoga calories

During yoga poses practically all muscles of the body are involved, they receive static load, thanks to which body flexibility improves, muscles develop and strengthen, excess fat is burned, and the body gains relief. During such training, weight loss occurs, but the place of excess fat deposits is taken by muscle mass, so the effect of weight loss may be barely noticeable. To reduce the rate of muscle growth, you can do stretching exercises instead of strength training.


As a philosophy of inner renewal, yoga can instill healthy eating habits, increase physical activity, and has a beneficial effect on overall health.

In the arsenal of yoga, there is a large number of exercises that help to maintain good physical shape and at the same time to recover physically and mentally. If you want to lose weight, you need to clearly understand the effect of each of them, make a program of those exercises that best suit your goals, and adhere to some recommendations:

- For weight loss to occur as soon as possible, exercise should be long, regular, and vigorous;

- If you have any health problems, limit yourself to the simplest exercises;

- strength elements help to burn excess fat, but at the same time accelerate the growth of muscle mass, which eventually leads to an increase in body size;

- stretching exercises help in the fight against excess weight, and develop body flexibility and muscle elasticity, but do not cause muscle growth;

- if you feel pain while doing any of the poses, it means that you are doing something wrong. The creature is the only acceptable cause of pain, but it is also possible that it can be the result of health problems, so you should consult a doctor before starting training.

Everyone who comes to yoga has a different story. Some people start yoga to cope with illnesses, others want to get their mind in order, and others want to get rid of stress. Complexes of exercises have a positive effect on all systems of the body: cardiovascular, endocrine, and gastrointestinal. Meditation helps to better cope with stress and improve concentration.


Yoga for beginners is better mastered in a group under the guidance of an instructor. He will tell you how to correctly perform individual exercises and their sequences. The atmosphere of the group will charge you with positive energy for the whole next week. After a while you will be able to practice yoga at home.


Those who have been practicing yoga for a long time, note that after the first class there is a pleasant lightness in the body, and the gait becomes more confident. After a few months of intensive training comes in order and nervous system: a person becomes more balanced and better able to cope with stress and illness.



The practice of yoga has proven its effectiveness in the treatment of many serious diseases. Official medicine recognizes improvement in patients suffering from, for example, Alzheimer's disease or mental disorders. This is because meditation, movement and breathing practices improve brain function.

The practice of yoga includes several basic principles, which you can master to put your body and mind in order.


The first principle is physical exercises (asanas). They help to improve the work of all systems of the body. The main role is given to the spine as the main organ that ensures the health of the whole body. Asanas for strength and flexibility of the spine help to stimulate blood circulation and even oxygen supply to all parts of the body.


Asanas also help eliminate muscle tightness in the lower back and neck. Experienced yogis believe that most illnesses stem from these. You learn to relax, your body becomes flexible and thus you feel better about yourself.


The next most important principle on which yoga is based is proper breathing (pranayama). As a rule, a person does not utilize the power of his lungs sufficiently. As a consequence, there are many clamps in the muscles, which leads to stress and illness. The purpose of proper breathing is to release our energy and oxygenate the body.


The third principle of yoga practice is relaxation (shavasana). Proper relaxation is necessary for our body to regain energy and improve concentration. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to relax properly - extraneous thoughts, distracting calls, sounds of the street and other factors are always interfering. That's why yoga teaches us deep relaxation. Usually, shavasana is performed at the end of the class and gives the body a pleasant sensation.


Gradually, many practitioners come to a yoga burn reviews

Please  write in comments what is your yoga for belly fat loss at home workout works for you